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So as the spring season seemingly draws to a close, I thought I should probably write something here—at least it is obvious why I don’t attempt any sort of normal blog. :) The calendar page of my website, however, I’ve been very good about updating. I added it earlier this fall, and it’s safe to assume that just about any public performances I do will be listed there as soon as I find out about them. (Sometimes that’s not very long before the performance…)

I’m pretty happy with how this year turned out: a month in Montpellier (France) playing and coaching Martín y Soler’s L’arbore di Diana with Fabio Biondi, tons of other concerts, lots of engraving. Very little about which I can complain! I’m also happy to say my new ensemble, PHOENIXtail has also finally come to fruition. The four of us played together a ton at Juilliard and now that we’re out we are making a real effort to start something “real.” Our first official concert went well and our second, on 13 May 2012, should be great. It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to play with incredible collaborates like Beth, Priscilla, and Ezra.

This summer is beginning to fill up, too. Aside from returning to the Berkshire Choral Festival, I’ve been chosen as a participant in the English Concert second Masterclass for Harpsichordist-Directors, led by Maestro Harry Bicket. Working with one of the finest early music ensembles in my dream area—pretty cool. There are some other intriguing opportunities this summer, but they are still percolating…

In the meantime, Willard Martin has been working on my harpsichord for the last few months, and I’m anxious to get it back. Theoretically, he is adding a transposer (415-440, finally!) and replacing both sets of old, plastic jacks with his beautiful wooden ones. I say “theoretically” because it’s been months and he’s essentially MIA at this point. I’m crossing my fingers (well, crossing them when I’m not texting him hoping to get a response).

Later this summer will see the release of Carson Cooman’s new disc of a cappella choral works, which I had a pleasure of conducting last August. Gothic Records has created beautiful packaging and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! The choir, comprised of many of Boston’s best singers, was absolutely fantastic. I had a great time leading the rehearsals and recording sessions. It reminded me how much I miss conducting.

(22 April 2012)